You can find a map that defines NHFI eligibility here.

Check-out the following NHFI resources and tools:

Gardens: NACC’s most popular program! Contact us to apply!

Greenhouse Program: Contact us to apply!

Tower Garden Program: Supported by HelpAge Canada and more!


Chickens / Poultry:

Podcasts- Learn more from our community mentors!

Beekeeping episode:


Chickens and Vermicomposting episode:


Greenhouse and Winter Sowing Episode:

Composting Webinars

Webinar 4: Backyard Composting and Vermicomposting
Glenn Munroe and Teresa Prokopanko
Presented on Wednesday April 28, 2021

Webinar 5: Soil Health, Plant Health, and Human Health
Glenn Munroe
Presented on Wednesday May 5, 2021


Other NHFI Eligible Activities (examples: Mushrooms, berries, fish canning, hunting, gathering):

Resources for Community Food Champions:

Food Preservation Resources:

Seed Starting:

  • Starting Seeds Indoors
  • Note: For most crops, you should start seeds indoors about 6-8 weeks before your last spring frost date. This gives the plants plenty of time to grow large and healthy enough to survive their eventual transplanting to the garden.
  • Planting dates for spring and fall (adjust for the last frost in your area). 

Fruit Trees

Agricultural Resources:

NHFI Resources for Communities:

  • Northern Healthy Foods Initiative’s (NHFI) vision is for people to define their own food systems to access healthy foods in northern Manitoba. NHFI is administered and managed by Government of Manitoba Department of Indigenous and Northern Relations (Read more about NHFI here).
  • The Northern Manitoba Food, Culture and Community Collaborative (NMFCCC) is an innovative collaborative of northern community people, northern advisors, funders and organizations working together to foster healthier and stronger communities in Northern Manitoba, through improved access to healthy foods and the development of resilient local economies.
  • Healthy Together Now (HTN) is a community-led, regionally coordinated and government supported, grassroots program to help prevent chronic disease in Manitoba. Projects are planned and led by individual communities while the Manitoba government and regional health authorities provide funding, support and training.
  • If you’re looking for resources for teachers in your communities, or perhaps for some of your own programming, I encourage you to check out Ag in the Classroom Manitoba (AITC-M). Their objective is to deliver curriculum-based programs, activities and resources for teachers and their students to learn more about agriculture and the role it plays in our province. Many of their resources and programs match up very closely with the activities and programs of the Northern Healthy Foods Initiative.AITC-M has lesson plans, free downloads, learning kits, games, recipes and more. Some are free to download and some are available for purchase at reasonable prices. Perhaps these are supplies your organization might provide to your community teachers.Check it out at 
  • Looking for ideas: Check out NACC NHFI community projects by seeing what others have accomplished in their communities through the 2020 NACC NHFI Photo Highlights: NACC Photo Graph Tracking 2020

NHFI Related Research: