Workshops & Mentorship

NACC’s NHFI program supports activities such as workshops and learning/sharing opportunities. Workshops organized in communities have included topics such as: mushrooms, seed starting, vegetable and fish canning, pumpkin cooking, salsa and soap making. The local Community Food Champion (CFC) takes the lead in organizing the workshops, and may request NACC support for supplies or instructor honouraria. Local schools, community councils and health centres are excellent partners, often providing advertisement and space for the workshop.

We believe in learning by doing. NACC program gardeners, beekeepers, etc. are constantly learning new things, and thrive by learning from one another. NACC supports teleconference and in-person workshops to connect our program participants, mentors and CFCs!

Mentors and Community Food Champions may be eligible for honouraria, training costs and/or travel subsidy to attend a or provide training/workshops.

Contact 204-947-2227 ext. 2 to request mentorship or community workshops.

Here are some active mentors involved in the NACC NHFI Program:

Program MentorsTopic(s)
Nikki and ElsBeekeeping / Chickens
OJMaple Tapping / Morels / Seed Saving
Susan Greenhouses / Seed Starting / Tower Gardens / Canning / Soap Making / Card Making
Heather Gardening and Seed Saving
JimBeekeeping / Chickens
BonnyBeekeeping / Chickens / Spruce tip jelly, balm and more
JeffBeekeeping – Pest Management
ColtonGardening and Seed Saving
Dale Canning / Garden Boxes / Painting / Arts & crafts
Stella Vermi-Composting (worms)