Community Food Champions

Thank-you to the NHFI Program Community Food Champions! The NHFI program is made possible by local volunteers, in partnership with community councils, health centres and schools.

Community Food Champion(s)Community(ies)
Louisa (CAO)Waterhen 
Alana (CAO)Dawson Bay
Charles (Volunteer)Seymourville
Latisha (Volunteer)Seymourville
Keith (CAO)Seymourville
Lorri (CAO)Pine Dock
Dale (Volunteer)Dauphin River 
Susan (Volunteer / Coordinator)Homebrook/Peonan Point 
OJ (Recreation Director)Crane River, Rock Ridge, Spence Lake, Meadow Portage
Donna (CAO)Barrows 
Rachel (Volunteer)Barrows 
Lorraine (CAO)Baden
Nina (Volunteer)Woods Creek
Diane (CAO)Mallard and Meadow Portage
Siegi (Volunteer)Mallard
Toby (CAO)Duck Bay 
Dorothy (Volunteer)Camperville
Diane (Volunteer)Fisher Bay
Janice (CAO)Matheson Island
Jenifer (Volunteer)Red Deer Lake

The Vital Role of the Community Food Champions (CFC)

Community Food Champions (CFC) are people in NACC’s NHFI communities who have been designated by the community council, community members, or NACC to take the lead in organizing projects in their community, such as community gardens and the Seeds of Change Program. CFCs can be Community Volunteers, Community Administration Officers, Health Promotion Staff, School Staff, and/or Recreational Directors. There can be more than one CFC per community! CFCs could be local mentors in one or a variety of areas. They could be gardeners, beekeepers, hunters, gatherers or farmers who would like to share their skills with others in their community. They could work on one or many projects, and receive financial and other support from NACC to help make the projects a reality (example: honorarium for instructor and supplies for a community workshop). Volunteering to be a CFC is a great learning and sharing opportunity! CFCs are eligible to attend training opportunities with costs covered by NACC, with the expectation that they will share what they’ve learned in their community. CFCs work closely with their communities and the NACC NHFI Project Coordinator. If you have an idea for a workshop or would like to be a part of an NHFI activity in your community, contact your local CFC!

Link to NHFI forms and documents for CFCs