Garden Infrastructure

Greenhouses, Garden Boxes and more – Oh My!

Spring 2020

Community Food Champions from Camperville, Peonan Point, and Dauphin River will be increasing their local food production capacity in 2020 by the building of greenhouses in Camperville and Peonan Point, and garden boxes in Dauphin River. All three communities had some big dreams of expanding, so with support from the NACC and their community councils and volunteers, they were successful in their application to the Government of Canada’s Local Food Infrastructure Fund.
By the end of April 2020, they already had their projects rolling ahead. In addition to the funding from the Government of Canada, the Northern Manitoba Food, Culture and Community Collaborative (NMFCCC) is also a major funder of these 3 exciting projects which are anticipated to increase the amount of locally grown garden produce available to community members involved in the Seeds of Change Program. The NMFCCC funding was integral to providing matching funding dollars required for the Local Food Infrastructure Fund and also helps to support important project costs such as indoor seed starting and growing kits. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about their projects.