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Spring-Summer 2020

Three new beekeepers from the communities of Duck Bay and Camperville are busy as bees. The fence is up, the hives have arrived and the bees are actively collecting pollen from the trees as well as being fed sugar water in their new apiary.

After attending the Beekeeping Fundamentals course in Dauphin January 2020, some beekeepers were eager to get started and applied for the NACC Beekeeping Program. This year the beekeeping program also supports existing beekeepers in NACC communities, who may apply for support to increase their honey production!

Beekeeping Fundamentals – Training

On Saturday, January 25, 2020 and Sunday, January 26, 2020, interested and experienced beekeepers attended a “Beekeeping Fundamentals Course” instructed by Rhéal Lafrenière, Provincial Apiarist. This training organized by NACC with support from Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development, the Province of Manitoba, the Northern Manitoba Food, Culture and Community Collaborative and Healthy Together Now included the following:

Over the 2-days, participants learned about: the nature of beekeeping, the life history, anatomy, and social behaviour of bees; economics; how to manage colonies of bees; equipment and site selection; pollen and nectar producing plants, nectar flows; seasonal management; pests, parasites, diseases and their control; regulations; honey houses; extracting equipment; grading and marketing honey and beeswax.

The NACC Beekeeping Program has been made possible thanks to support from Healthy Together Now, the Province of Manitoba and the Northern Manitoba Food, Culture and Community Collaborative.