Population: 176

Mayor: Helen Thomas

Tristan Prest
Jayden Wood
Jenny Prest
Reginald Simard

Manigotagan Community Council
Box 57
Manigotagan, MB R0E 1E0

Phone: (204) 363-7375
Fax: (204) 363-7346
Hall Phone: (204) 363-7252

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday | 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Community Administrative Officer: Greg Wood
Public Works Employee (Part-Time): John Swain
Water Operator: Robert Nixdorf
Backup Water Operator: Rene Simard
Recreation Director (Part-Time): Vacant
Community Safety Officer: Vacant | Phone (204) 363-7246
Fire Chief: Kelly Fisher | Phone (204) 515-4400
Emergency Coordinator: Vacant

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