Population: 487

Mayor: Joseph Sonny Kylne

Lisa Bone
Margaret Chartrand
Lisa Harris
Danny Chartrand
Dorothy Delaronde
Terry Harris

Camperville Community Council
Box 119
Camperville, MB R0L 0J0

Phone: (204) 524-2212
Fax: (204) 524-2829
Water Treatment Plant Phone: (204) 524-2317
Arena Phone: (204) 524-2387

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday | 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Community Administrative Officer: Kyle Lafreniere
Assistant CAO: Sharon Beauchamp
PWE/Backup Water Operator: Fabian Welburn
Water Operator: Sterling Beauchamp
Recreation Director: Vacant
Community Safety Officer: Paul Sutherland | Phone: (204) 524-2270
Fire Chief: Terry Harris | Phone: (204) 524-2154
Emergency Coordinator: Joseph Sonny Klyne

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