Population: 64

Mayor: Brenda Flett

Christina Brightnose
Pauline Cordell
Annette Cordell
John Halcrow

Pikwitonei Community Council
General Delivery
Pikwitonei, MB R0B 1E0

Phone: (204) 458-2420
Fax: (204) 458-2403
Public Works Phone: (204) 458-2433
Email: pikcouncil@xplornet.com

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday | 1 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Community Administrative Officer (Part-Time): Sierra Bighetty
PWE/Water Operator: Vern Cordell
Asst. PWE/Backup Water Operator: Vacant
Fire Chief: Vern Cordell
Emergency Coordinator: Vacant