Executive Board

Reg Meade, NACC President

Reg Meade has been an active voice on council, in the North, and in NACC for many years. Born in The Pas he has lived his life in the North. Reg has worked as a fisherman, trapper, miner, public works foreman, and contractor all his life and has seen many changes in the communities, the infrastructure and services. Reg’s experiences in the North have given him an awareness and understanding of the unique situations faced by Northerners. Starting with Municipal politics with a seat on council, involved with NACC as Northern Chairperson and at present as President of NACC, Reg has always advocated at the grassroots level.

Reg currently enjoys his role in helping northern communities’ access resources, services and development through the following:

* Nelson River Co-Management Sturgeon Board
* President, Bayline Regional Round Table
* Board of Directors, BCN Broadband Initiative
* Board of Directors, NAPHWI
* Committee Member, Powley Implementation Committee
* Canada/Manitoba Infrastructure MRIF
* Committee Member, Aboriginal Council of Manitoba
* Board of Director, Northern Regional Roundtable

In recent times Reg was instrumental towards the New Health Centre in Wabowden; he continues to work towards funding for training Water Plant Operators in community settings; and provides his strong negotiation skill for Food Security support for resources to Bayline communities and has taken on the challenges to advocate on behalf of the commercial fishing industry concerning the new Fishing Regulations that are detrimental to commercial fishermen that were implemented from DFO/Transport Canada.

Helgi Einarsson, Eastern Chairperson

Born and raised in Dauphin River, Helgi received his high school education in Teulon, Manitoba. Helgi has been a commercial fisherman all his life. His family started, owns and operates Dauphin River Fisheries – in which he purchases fish from all the commercial fishermen in the area as the Lakeside agent for Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation. Helgi owns and operates Einarsson Guide Services, fishing and hunting lodge, – which offers guided trips, cabin rentals, as well as boat rentals. He also owns and operates Dreamcatcher Travel TPI, a travel agency with Travel Professionals International.

Helgi has been involved in community level politics for many years, first as a council member, then as Mayor of his community since 1988. He has held an executive position on the board of Northern Association of Community Councils since 1984 as Eastern Region Chairperson and NACC Vice President.

Helgi sits on many different boards, such as the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association, and the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters International.

Helgi has been married to his wife and partner Dale for over 40 years; they have five children and eight grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

Glen Flett, Northern Chairperson

Glen Flett was born and raised in Norway House, where he still resides. He received his education in Norway House, and graduated high school in Cranberry Portage with Frontier School Division. Glen has worked for Transportation and Government Services “Airport” Branch for the past 40 years. Currently serving as a council member—for 37 years now—for Norway House, he also takes pride in his role as Deputy Mayor. His current council portfolio includes recreation and community development; however, like his fellow Council members, he is active in all community issues. As most Northerners do, Glen loves the outdoors activities such as fishing, hunting, canoeing and trapping.

Along with his position within Norway House and NACC, Glen is also a Board member for the North Central Development Corporation, and a member of Thompson Regional Airport Authority.