Past, Present and Future


… is to promote and encourage wherever possible the development of local government; and to assist in the improvement of services and the physical, social and economic development of all member northern communities of the NACC. To this end the NACC will work in conjunction with member northern communities in articulating and suggesting solutions to problems of economic development, community services, installation and development of local government, development of natural resources, co-ordination of community planning and development of natural skills.


… is to assist northern communities in:

  • Ensuring the fullest economic potential of all communities;
  • Investigating circumstances and situations that may inhibit or retard economic development in the northern communities and making recommendations for their improvement or
  • removal of such circumstances or situations; and
  • Co-operating with all persons and agencies in achieving the objectives set forth.
  • To investigate circumstances and situations that may inhibit or retard economic development in remote communities, and make recommendations to remove or improve said conditions.
  • To improve community services, and physical and social development.
  • Promoting and encouraging growth of local self-government.
  • Coordinating community planning, regionally and provincially.
  • Providing a united direction in the development of communities.


… is comprised of affiliated Community Councils and Local Committees which function as a form of government in Northern Manitoba and provide local services and other services as required, for their respective communities or settlements. These services are not necessarily identical to those provided by local governments of Southern Manitoba. This is directly related to the fact that simply put; the problems, difficulties and organization of communities or settlements in Northern Manitoba are unique to the north. NACC has represented through its Mayors and Councillors as many as 30,000 people in the north, the majority of who are of Aboriginal descent. The Board of the NACC strives to ensure that the representation of its communities is responsible, fair, and thorough.


… functions as a mechanism that attempts to ensure the continued sustainable viability of its member communities and their citizenry. NACC assists its members in improving their physical, social and economic development and seeks to find solutions to difficulties, which have been encountered in these same areas.

One of the major tasks of the NACC is to provide communication between the Community Councils, Local Committees and Governmental bodies. The main areas of services that the NACC has provided for its members over the years include the following: Economic Development, Transportation, Housing, Employment, Fisheries, Recreation, and Social Development.

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