NACC exists to act as an advocacy group in order to serve the interests of (up to) 56 Northern Affairs Community Councils throughout the Province of Manitoba. The communities fall within the jurisdiction of the Department of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs, formerly known as the Department of Native and Northern Affairs. NACC serves to provide a unified and collective voice for the communities that it represents as they encounter important developmental phases.

The Association was modelled after the vision of a few northern mayors shortly following the introduction of a local government system for Northern Manitoba. It was identified at this time that several remote and/or isolated communities could have a much stronger voice if they spoke as one collective entity. In 1970, the NACC would begin with a membership of merely 11 communities, and eventually escalate to as many as 56 communities by the year 2000.

The core objective of NACC is to promote the improvement of services to communities. Services to communities are those that may be classified as government services including the following, which are referred to in the Northern Affairs Act:

• Water supply
• Sewage disposal
• Garbage disposal
• Roads and drainage systems
• Fire and police protection
• Community planning
• Recreation

NACC strives to make governments aware of the needs of its membership, and accountable to the communities within their jurisdiction. The success of NACC is based on the principle that unity is essential to political strength.

NACC has assisted communities by helping them to assess the economic potential of the regions in which they are located. NACC also investigates circumstances, which may inhibit the development process in said communities, and also makes recommendations for the removal of such circumstances. NACC is very pro-active in encouraging all parties involved in the developmental process, (i.e., communities and governments) to cooperate in so that all objectives may be met. The NACC holds an Annual General Conference in Winnipeg so that its members may gather to share ideas, create plans, implement changes and make collective recommendations to governments


Is to promote and encourage wherever possible the development of local government; and to assist in the improvement of services and the physical, social and economic development of all member northern communities of the NACC. To this end the NACC will work in conjunction with member northern communities in articulating and suggesting solutions to problems of economic development, community services, installation and development of local government, development of natural resources, co-ordination of community planning and development of natural skills.


Assist our member communities in:

• Ensuring their fullest economic potential;
• Investigating circumstances and situations that may inhibit development in our communities; and make recommendations for their improvement;
• Promoting and encouraging growth of local self-government.
• Coordinating community planning, regionally and provincially.
• Providing a united direction in the development of communities.
• Promote, support, facilitate and engage in collaborative and transparent planning for our      communities in accordance with their vision, mandate and shared beliefs, and with attention to local and regional needs, priorities and emerging issues
• Liaise with and advocate to appropriate bodies, including but not limited to government, regarding critical issues and strategic priorities relevant to and impacting our communities and related services