Executive Summary

The Northern Association of Community Councils was incorporated in 1971, representing the interests of 52 northern and remote community councils as a non-profit advocacy group, to promote and facilitate sustainable community development.

The promotion and facilitation aspect of the organization is achieved by ensuring physical, social, and economic development within the communities, remain a priority for the government. Through coordinating and consulting on community-based projects, and promoting incorporation where possible it leads to the path of self-sufficiency. The organization is working with the communities toward self-sustainability through the formation of round tables as well as community development corporations.

NACC plays a significant role in the community-based development and assists communities through advocating for a variety of education and training programs targeted at the communities.  The organization also assists in preparing reports and proposals to stimulate social and economic growth, by participating in policy-making activities affecting the member communities.  We believe that all communities are unique and that their needs and interests should be recognized.

Since incorporation in 1971 NACC has issued the quarterly newsletter Whispering Pines providing information and opportunities through the articles from, about, and of importance to the communities.  The articles incorporated within the newsletter inform the communities of new programs being offered by the government, grants which were available to the community members and of any news, which is submitted by the communities themselves.

A lot of the information pertaining to the needs of the communities is attained through the annual general meeting, which has been held each year for the last 44 years to give the communities a chance to voice their concerns on issues pertaining to their area or communities.

NACC is set into three regions within the province of Manitoba, a northern region, a western region, and an eastern region. Each region holds a regional meeting during the conference which presents each region the opportunity to bring forth in the form of resolutions any concerns or issues that may be facing their particular or all regions at that given time to the organization to take to the government on their behalf.

A trade show is also held throughout the conference, which attends to the technical aspect of the community issues.

NACC is made up of ten board members who are Reg Meade – President, Helgi Einarsson – Eastern Chairperson, Glen Flett – Northern Chairperson, – Western Chairperson along with three Vice-Chairs and three Secretary/Treasures. The staff of NACC, Mallory Fleming – Executive Director, -NHFI Project Coordinator, and  an Administrative Assistant.

Within its experience NACC was instrumental in the formation of the Community Economic Development Fund or CEDF in Manitoba. As well NACC advocated for the formation of a communication venue in the North in both English and native languages, which became known as Native Communications Inc. or NCI within MB.  Currently NACC is involved with many projects and sits on many boards, which are proceeding within the province.


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