Grow North


In hopes of reducing travel time for our community members, this year NACC is planning to host three Grow North Conferences. These conferences will be held in different locations covering a variety of topics.



This year’s Grow North Conference was a success!! The conference was a two day conference held at the Legion in Dauphin, Manitoba.   We had members from ten different communities join us for the event and three speakers who presented on a variety of topics. The first day started off with a workshop on food dehydration, where participants learned about different food dehydration methods, the types of food to dehydrate and the benefits of dehydration. The second workshop was an overview of soil. Participants were engaged in discussions on topics including: different types of soil, composting, and soil testing.

The afternoon session was presented by a local bee keeper, Bruce McLean who has been really involved with our Bee Keeping Project at NACC. He taught participants about the equipment needed for bee keeping, bee keeping sustainability and the benefits of bee keeping were all covered. Participants were really interested in this topic and had many questions for Bruce. By the end of the workshop, we had members from four different communities expressed interest in the bee keeping. The final session of the day was on pest deterrent presented by our very own Miranda Crowe. Miranda shared different recipes on organic pest deterrents and talked about ways to repel unwanted garden pests and methods to attract beneficial pests. At the end of this workshop some participants shared their experience and trouble with gardening pests while others offered advice and solutions.

The second day of the conference was a full day food handler’s course taught by Patti Eilers. Twenty participants had the chance to learn about safe food handling practices and by the end of the day, they all wrote their food handler’s test.  NACC is very happy to have been able to offer the Food Handler’s Course to members in our community as we understand the importance of it….

The staff at NACC would like to extend a great THANK YOU to our guest speakers Patti Eilers from MAFRD and Bruce McLean from Western Sky Apiaries for their help with the conference. As well as, we would like to thank Temptation Catering and Concessions for providing us with delicious meals during the conference. Most importantly, I would like to thank those who came out to the conference.



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